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Practice Anywhere – Labor Day Bundle

Hey Tour Striker Nation and friends of Tour Striker.  September 3rd is Labor Day.  For most people around the country, this marks the start of Fall, football, foliage, and the end of golf. But just because Fall is coming doesn’t mean you have to put your clubs in hibernation.

With the Labor Day Bundle, you get the Tour Striker Smart Bag + the Tour Striker S.A.M.I. for a great low price.

Labor Day Bundle

These two products address the top 3 reasons you’re not the golfer you want to be. And the best part is, they are extremely easy for anyone at any level to use and get results.

You struggle because your arms and wrist are breaking down in your backswing… and you’ve learned to cope (creating some bad habits in the process)… and maybe even make a few great shots… but the consistency isn’t there.

Common coping mechanisms include:

  • Casting the Club
  • Reverse Weight Shift
  • Separating Your Elbows
  • Standing Up in Your Swing
  • Stuck Inside (Too Far Inside-Out Path)
  • Over the Top (Too Far Outside-In Path)

You probably recognize these as problems, bad habits, issues you need to fix. But the reason you have the issue is because you’ve been trying to overcome poor fundamentals.

Good Fundamentals don’t come from Feels. Feels come from Good Fundamentals.

Once you train yourself to maintain structure in your arms and wrists while swinging on plane, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to be consistent.

S.A.M.I. (Structural Awareness Motion Instrument)

This nearly invisible training aid is unparalleled in its ability to help you maintain structure in your arms and keep from cupping your wrist in your backswing.

The SAMI let’s you FEEL and HEAR when your bending your elbow or wrist.

While there are various configurations, by far the #1 most useful setup is…

  • Place one SAMI on the shaft of your club below the grip and attach the reel to your lead shirt sleeve.
  • Place the other SAMI over the thumb on your trail hand and attach the reel to your trail shirt sleeve.

In you backswing, you want the trail arm to feel like it’s pushing the handle away from you. You want the lead wrist to be flat or slightly bowed, you’ll know because it has to work against the tension of the SAMI on the shaft of the club to keep from cupping.

If you start with a short pitching motion, you shouldn’t feel or hear any winding of the trail SAMI at all, and only minimal winding of the lead SAMI.

After practicing short pitches, go to the top of your backswing and check your position. You want your arms comfortably long, your lead wrist flat and your club tilted behind you (not straight up like you’re holding an umbrella).

Tour Striker SAMI
Tour Striker SAMI
Tour Striker SAMI

Smart Bag

The Smart Bag is the perfect complement to your SAMI’s because you’ve likely developed an incorrect path due to poor arm structure. Whether you’re too steep, stuck, falling back, or have been trying to fix your ball flight by changing your path (not realizing it’s your arms and wrists)… practicing with your SAMI and the Smart Bag means you don’t have to worry, you know you’re on plane.

These are feels you can groove in wherever you are. The range, your backyard, the living room, even the office. You don’t have to hit a ball to understand what the SAMI and Smart Bag are telling you. They really are two of the easiest products to get instantly actionable feedback from.

But… if you do want to hit something, the Smart Bag isn’t just a plane board, it’s also a smash bag. The angled sides help train forward shaft lean, and the back is great for longer clubs. Use it as a smash bag with your SAMI’s to maintain structure and see the difference of what a consistent face at impact looks and feels like.

It’s so much more than a smash bag.  It’s a Smart Bag.

Tour Striker Smart Bag
Tour Striker Smart Bag
Tour Striker Smart Bag

With this bundle…

When you swing on-plane, with structured arms, and a flat lead wrist, you won’t just look like a golfer, you’ll make golf look easy.  We’ve bundled these specific products because of what they can do, not just separately, but when used together.  BOTH for the best price we’ve ever offered PLUS FREE shipping and handling in the US…

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Here’s what some customers had to say…

Tour Striker Smart Bag

If you don’t own an impact bag, the Smart Bag represents a good value. As with any training aid purchase, you need to know what you need to work on or fix in your game first. If you need to work on impact, path, or clubface, the Smart Bag offers great ways to practice all three. – My Golf Spy

Great for working on your swing plane.– John

Great teaching device. One of the best out there.– David W.

Take advantage of this offer today. It’s only good through Labor Day.

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Tour Striker
“No Hassle” Guarantee

The Tour Striker Practice Anywhere – Labor Day Bundle WILL help you improve your game.

If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, we’ll refund your money. If for any reason, or for no reason, you’re not totally satisfied within 30 days of receipt, return both products (in new, unused, or good condition) and receive a full refund. No questions asked.

If you’re not happy for any reason, simply call the Tour Striker customer service team at 1-480-664-1002 and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. No hassles. No lengthy forms. No questions asked.

As well, all of our products come with a 365 day warranty.

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