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Compress the Ball with Forward Shaft Lean

If you’re looking for longer, crisper iron and wedge shots, you have to learn how to present the club with forward shaft lean at impact.

This is one of the most important aspects of golf that keeps poor players poor. If you’re scooping the ball to try to help it into the air, your buddy’s likely going to tell you to keep your head down. Then, when you try to keep your head down, you’re going to have to start making room in your swing by bending your lead arm, creating the chicken wing. From here, you’re stuck.

The worst part is, you might actually hit a couple of good ones, which convinces you that you just have to “work on it.” And after decades of practice, you’ve made the head down chicken wing scoop a part of your game and a permanent miss.

The Tour Striker Training Clubs are designed to intuitively help you correct these issues. The raised leading edge and smaller face forces you to get your hands ahead of the ball at impact in order to achieve an effectively strike.

Many people state that they hit the ball further with their Tour Striker Training Clubs. This is because they are dynamically de-lofting the club at impact, the same way the best ball strikers in the world do, and collecting the ball with the center of the face. If this is you, work with your Tour Striker Clubs until you can make the same move with your own clubs. You’ll have longer, crisper, consistent shots where you feel like you can control the ball.


Tour Striker Pitching Wedge FaceTour Striker Pitching Wedge – No more flipping or scooping trying to “get under” the ball. Hit down on the ball. Compress the golf ball to launch it high and get the spin required so you can check and back your ball up on the green.
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Tour Striker 7 Iron FaceTour Striker 7 Iron – Intuitively learn how to get into the optimal impact position. You’ll start penetrating the ball resulting in a longer, crisper shot. The same length, weight, and feel as your regular 7 iron. Allowing you to immediately transfer the same results to your own clubs.
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Tour Striker Pro X 7 Iron FaceTour Striker Pro X 7 Iron – An even smaller face to really focus on pure, sweet spot contact every time. The Tour Striker Pro X 7 Iron is challenging, fun, and exciting to hit. Learn to hit the perfect shot easier and faster than with any other club.
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