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Compression Into The Left Leg – “Pivot Burst”


These hands, good hands, they’re going to get down in front of us and our leg is going to make our hands come up and make your club head go down. Okay. We watched enough video. Good players, so here’s that little pitch shot .
watch My knee
crispy, right? Very much so, so nice and tight. Okay. Hands aren’t going down. Still hands are going up. Club head’s gone down.
Okay. Come on in here. Right foot splayed a bit. Rate to open. Thank you. Get your good cough grip on their left foot. A little wider here, right? Ready? Left knee straightens. There you go. There you go. Let me compress it. Straightened it. Compress it Straighten it. Good. Stay here for a sec. Ready? Keep your arms kind of structured. Compress it, straighten it. Attaboy. Compress it, straighten it. Hands or low. Hands are high hands, low club heads. Low Hands or club heads? High Club heads. Low hands or low hands are high. Okay. Okay. Again, a couple of rehearsals feel like compression extension, compression extension. Good. Let’s look. Why do you get in the way of a couple of those? Okay, good. Try. Little Chunky, little chunky. Right? Yes. Hang on one second. Let me go behind you right here. You’re good. Club off the ground. Both feet splayed. Okay. Let’s do it together. Whenever you’re ready.
Go ahead. Okay, next one. You’re ready. Good to go.
Awesome. That’s good.