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Golf Pro Impact Drill

Good morning, so I’m here at Tethrow beautiful Saturday morning. I’m finally getting some good weather here in bend. A couple of things. A couple of folks that I’m helping out there. I’m coast coastguard, guy in Houston with impact issue. He’s got a. he’s got a good look and golf swing and it gets the impact. He’s quite a bit ahead of it and he gets this look so clearly is lower body’s really outracing what’s going on with his upper body? He’s trying to fix, you know, a club, face conditions. So Kosta, here’s a little something for you I want you to work on obviously your practice or you have talent and I think this little drill is going to go a long way for you. So we want to understand and golf is at work trying to support impact. Okay, so our left thumb is obviously top right quadrant of the grip.

our right hand is on the back side of the grip because everything we’re doing, we’re trying to support impact. So when we do this, we’re also using our pivot to help support impact and then your swing, you know that this isn’t the case, your swing, it’s this kind of move and you know, for a fit guy read a relatively decent size, you don’t hit it very far. So let’s support impact with your pivot. So here’s the drill. I think it’s going to help. What we’re going to do is go ahead and take our address, hands alignment. So mid body hands, understanding where impact is. We’re going to get our bond, we’re going to get our hands in front of her body with our elbow in front of her right hip bone, and just feel what it’s like to pivot your body, feeling like your right hip bone and are connected. And you can pivot this motion. What I’m doing here is I’m letting my body support my arms into impact. So the drill looks a little something like this. I’ve got a seven iron here in this first swing in the morning, so I’m going to make a little motion to kind of set my hand pivot and hit a little shot.

I went about 100 yards, that’s all I want you to hit it. Okay? Tiny little scuffed divot, front of the ball. Let’s do it again. So the sensation here is to feel our body can help put some pressure into our arms, into impact. When we do this, go ahead and pivot and stop with the club out here in front of your left toe with those grooves relatively square to your target line still. And you’ll really see a different relationship between your dress hands and your impact hands. So do it one more time. Okay, that probably went 75 yards, but I think I did the drill better that time. Okay, so what that’s going to lead up to is how you feel your sequence and how did your backswing back in front of you with your pivot. Now, after a series of those, hopefully we can blend that motion into a good impact hand location supported by your pivot. That was a decent seven iron for third swing of the day.

So there is a way for you to feel your impact and how pivot supports this impact. As an example, here’s a little dowel Rod. The sensation is that this right hip joint is going to help this long because right now you’ve got this going on. We want to feel, and I’ve even done this where I’ve taken a rubber cord, I’ve attached the Dow and I’ve got my swing going down in front of me and then support that impact with pivot as opposed to getting behind it. Okay? So Kostie good luck with that. And, uh, I come, I give you lots of Kudos for supporting your country and hoping to get back to me. Let me know how you did it.