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Hit Longer Drives with the Rope Drill

Hit Longer Drives with the Rope Drill

We all want to hit longer drives. (Especially as we get older and start to lose distance.)

My assistant, good friend, and great coach Big Jim Waldron made it to the Semi-Finals of the World Long Drive Competition in Las Vegas this week with a drive of 386 yards.

As you watch these guys crush balls into the stratosphere, one thing that’s constantly repeated is, “Faster not Harder.”

Ball speed is based on two things. 1) Contact – hitting the sweet spot of the club 2) Club Head Speed

If you already make good contact, the only thing left is to increase your club head speed.

The big problem here is, when you ask someone to swing faster, they swing harder.

You’ve seen this (and probably done it) plenty of times. You step into the tee box with the Long Drive Contest, you put your ball high on a tee, take your stance, grip the club a little tighter, and use every muscle in your body to throw everything you’ve got into the downswing, barely staying upright as you move into your follow through.

Only a launch monitor (Trackman, Foresight, etc.) is going to tell you exactly what happened, but my guess is the ball didn’t go much if any further than your normal pure tee shot.

Why? When you swing harder, your swing mechanics fall apart and it doesn’t allow you to make solid contact (#1).

The Rope Drill using the Power Impact Pro 2.0 is great for swinging faster while maintaining a good tempo for your backswing, release point for maximum speed, and follow through (slowing down in style).

The PIP has become my goto warm up device. Check out the product page for more information.

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