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How to feel Lag during your swing


This is a little drill to incorporate, to understand club head lag. Really, really vital to understand this as you apply the tour golf ball in my hand, I’ve got a grape okay, this is how I’m going to squish that grape. If I take my golf grip, which will have a separate chapter on and I set this grape gently inbetween the grip and my index finger right here, you’ll notice that I haven’t squished any juice out of that grape. Now what happens in a golf swing and effect, effective golf swing, the pivot, put some energy into your arms that go around you and your pivot puts them energy. You’re the return pivot puts energy back into your arms on the way down, and it’s that energy on the way down that squishes that grape. Now that grape, the juice clearly burst out of that out of its skin on my way down and how that works.
It’s simple. The golf club puts pressure. You’ve got the weight at the end of the stick. When we change direction, we need to embrace the fact that we’re going to have that pressure build up in our hands. Even though my eyes are on the golf ball at all times, my mind is always in my hands. I’m trying to feel where the club is going to put pressure. When that pressure is set in, then I allow my pivot to throw that golf club. That’s the freedom needed. That’s how lag pressure actually get stored. Energy gets stored in. It eventually throws itself out. It’s really no different than if you’re fly fishing. Mostly you. Most of you have felt that when you’re throwing a baseball, the same components are in place. When you throw a baseball, your elbow leads your wrist, your wrist trails, your elbow, and eventually each segment of energy is released. Well, the same holds true in golf. You need to be able to feel that lag pressure understand it when we hold onto it at address, there’s really no lag pressure in place. We’re just holding a more just holding a golf club. It’s when our pivot changes direction that we feel mass in our hands and we let our pivot deliver that mass toward the target.