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How to maximize your driver distance


Today going to talk about distance. I don’t know a golfer out there that wouldn’t like to hit it farther. Now we all have our own personal maximum for how far we’re going to hit it. I’m going to cover some basic things for you today. The first order of business is having a successful pivot pivot that works simply a balanced motion that turns away from the target and turns back toward the target. Why is that important? Well, it is what puts the pressure into this left arm. When I turned back to the target, my chest is putting pressure into the left arm. That transfer is down in the golf club, transfers to the club head, so pivots vital because it transfers the arms. Okay? Now you’ll see I’m in a rotated and cock position right here. I can’t tell you how many amateurs don’t get into this position.

We have to understand there’s a lot of speed in this rotation and having that rotation work for us is very important to hitting it maximum distance. And then finally, well not finally. Second to last, there’s cocking and uncocking. Our golf swing. When we pivot away from the target, gets us into a backswing position or the club is generally at 90 degrees to our forearm and what our pivot does if we are relaxed, allows this club to seek an inline condition. It’s a centrifugal relationship that is vital to playing great golf and it can’t happen if you have tension. If I were to take my grip and just turn the golf club and let go of the hands. Now basically I’m in a cock position. I know I’m on a horizontal plane and you’re looking at it in that manner and if I were just to pivot, I didn’t throw that club out, my pivot through that club out, what happens?

That’s a centrifugal reaction where the club’s seeks and inline condition. That’s the very, very important piece of the pie to understand the pivot, makes the club throw out. What I usually see with most golfers is that they don’t let their pivot create that throwing action. They add they try to hit with the hands they tried to throw at the hands. A great quote from Ben Doyle says, why add with your hands when you can multiply with your body? I love that quote. That’s something I really want you to monitor when you play golf is your thumb and index finger on both your left and right hand. Your thumb and index finger are tight. There’s no way you can have this centrifugal relationship to hit your hit your golf ball potentially as far as your ability will provide, so relaxation in the hands, the right thumb and index finger or barely on the golf club.

If you want to hold the club like Hogan’s great book, we hold it in the middle, two fingers are of a right hand and our last three fingers of our left hand and I’d say on a scale from zero to 10, my grip, 10 being the strongest is somewhere around two or three. You have to learn how to have what we call extensor action with the right arm because it’s great to be a really soft and fluid with the hands and really, really relaxed and I’d say, okay, I don’t want to try to manipulate the club. I want it to flow on everything to be relaxed. Now the catch 22 in that equation is you have to allow this freedom, emotion and your hands while you understand what extensor action is, because we want to have a structured backswing that when we do pivot, that pivot applies force to have structure rather than something soft and buckle that buckles.

I see a lot of students make a backswing or the club gets way back here and the first thing they do is I clubbed seeks and alignment. Now they’ve got a lever that’s in a fully extended position that really travels quite slowly. The Golf Ball, the centrifugal reaction we’re looking for is one where we keep this lever nice and relaxed as we pivot and then it seeks in alignment later. That’s a really, really hits the golf ball far, far and takes a lot of courage and understand. So if you want to hit the ball, your potential best, you know, we have to understand that it’s pivot pivots the key components and then it’s leverage. That leverage is combined with a golf club and the arms and believe me, that ball went out. They’re pretty darn good and it’s not something that takes a whole lot of effort. It really, really feels easy to hit it hard and you have to understand relaxation is a vital, vital piece of it. I know y’all hear it, but you probably don’t know where you get tight. I’m going to give you a really simple thought. Thank your thumb and index finger. Make sure those are relaxed throughout your entire swing. I bet you hit a lot better. Have a great day.