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How to Spin Your Wedge


This particular club has three lines on it. We’ve got a black line on the leading edge. We’ve got a blue line in the center and a red line at the back. I’m calling the black line, the Lee Trevino spinner. The Blue Line is a Tom Watson midsole pitch and this red line on the back. Well, that’s the Phil Mickelson, the Philly flop. Let’s go ahead and show you how to hit that. Lee Trevino spinning shot into the green. Alright, now I’m going to show you to hit the Lee Trevino spinning wedge shot. This is a sexy shot. It comes a little bit lower. It’s got a lot of speed. Takes one big hop. Then it puts on the brakes. This is how you do it. Okay. We’re going to set up with this club face just a little bit close. The reason why, because we’re going to have a lot of forward shaft lean did delivered by pivot.

The more forward shaft lean, the more the face is going to open as I approached the ball at impact. All right, second, we’re going to have a bit of Buggy whip. Feel this buggy whip feel, here’s this lagging clubhead takeaway and we’re going to let this club Buggy whip and you can see when I do this, a little buggy whip maneuver that my hips are posting on my left side, my left, my left side is clearing out of the way. Don’t be afraid to take a big divot when you try. This shot’s going to look a little something like this, so a little closed face because I’m preparing for that forward shaft. Lean the balls back a little bit, my weights into my left foot and I’m going to leave it there because this isn’t a full shot. This is a. This is a mid shot.

It’s about 60 yard shot right here and a little held off finish and that right there has got a ton of speed on it that things a stop right on a dime. Let’s see it from a different perspective. So the target, the target view of this, when I’m striking down, this is really a bowed left wrist. It’s really a downward strike. And again, remember the trick to this as a little bit of a closed face because when I really aggressively hit them with for lean, you can see that left wrist bow a little. Okay, so again, weight left face, a little bit left body, a little bit open and we’re going to trap down.

You can see I really hold onto that. Finish that nice flat left wrist delivered by pivot switch you’re going to do to practices shot. Go ahead and take yourself a sharpie and put a little black line right on that leading edge. This is the same feel as the Tour Striker with the tour striker teaches you and you want to hit a number of golf balls. Let’s where that line out. So if I hit another one, I’m very mindful of the leading edge of that golf clubs slicing through the turf with forward shaft lean and after a few shots I want to wear out that leading edge weight left. Keep it there downward strike, hold onto the finish a little bit and then see how you’re doing. After a few swings, you should be really wearing that black mark off the leading edge of your club.