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How to use leverage in your golf swing!

Leverage the leverage and Golfs, pretty simple, really it’s just maximizing the lever length between the shaft and the left arm. Now in the address condition, most of us are out of leverage. We don’t have a levered condition here, and the reason that we set our hands in this case, more mid body compared to in and a lever is that it’s more comfortable to do so. You’ll see most good players, tour players, their hands will be in a mid body position when they address a golf ball. See, there’s a big difference between address, position and impact position and impact position. The left the shaft is kind of up the left arm in an alignment with the left arm thats your . That’s your maximum lever length, and that’s the key to really striking the golf ball solidly. Now you’ll notice in chip shots, you’ll see most people go.

We’ll go ahead and put the shaft up their left arm in a chipping procedure, get in lever length and matches your left arm and with a little bit of body pivot and you’ll notice chip shot went off. Okay, and there was really no added hand motion there. That little motion was more of just a pivot on a full swing. It’s a little bit more difficult than that. Now, we start off in this address position with our hands mid body and really as soon as we take the club back, that shaft really gets in alignment with her left arm. Now it’s our job not to mess this up. Once we get the shaft in line with left arm, sure the backswing is going to continue as we try to generate some power by twisting or body so we can have some torsional power to return that club.

Lever back to the golf ball and if we do it correctly, will hit pretty solid shots and travel quite a ways well struck seven iron and it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to hit it a decent distance if you will obey the law of the lever. And what happened in that golf swing is that even though that was out of alignment, when it got to the golf ball, it was in a levered condition powered by my pivot. So playing golf and you hit some shots that seemed to go really far and you’ve just swung easy and you’ve hit it a long way. That’s what’s happened. You’ve obeyed the law of the lever. The club and the left arm has sinked up nicely. He hit a long shot. Now, for those of you that struggled, for those of you that top the ball or don’t hit it as far as you think you should, the reason is most likely because you’re out of rhythm and that shaft passes the plan of your left arm to quickly out of leverage so you can try to hit it as hard as you want to and it’s not going to that the power is not going to be applied to the golf ball because it isn’t an along levered condition.

So remember, we’re going to swing easy, reach a nice levered condition and impact swing easy with rhythm. We’ll give you this leverage and if you’d like to discuss any more of this, just give me a call. I’d be happy to help you out. Have a great holiday season and give us a call if you need anything. At all in the golf shop.