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Improve Faster than Ever Before

Every once in a while a training aid comes along that’s great for beginners and pros and everyone in between. The Tour Striker 7 Iron, the Smart Ball and now the PlaneMate has joined that list.

The PlaneMate has been extremely well received so far. Darren Clarke said, “Best training aid ever Martin! Amateurs (and Pro’s) can improve so much with this.” … And we’ve received numerous massages from people shooting their all time low score after working with the PlaneMate for just a short period of time.

Martin has been coaching golf for more than 30 years. One-on-one, at a Golf School, or on Revolution Golf, in person, writing, or video, he is considered one of the top coaches in the world and works tirelessly to advance the game.

One of the things that makes Tour Striker’s training aids so special is that they aren’t just tools that you can play with. Most were designed by Martin to help himself personally or a student. He uses training aids in his coaching to help players better understand all aspects of the game and to provide the necessary feedback to make a change.

Martin and Tour Striker are committed to making sure you get the instruction and feedback to achieve your personal best. That’s why the new PlaneMate comes with a 7-Day Protocol to not only help you use the PlaneMate but to help you build a better swing.

We’ve also opened up two new, end of summer Golf Schools; one in Toronto, and one at Edgewood in South Lake Tahoe.

If you’re interested in making golf easy and fun again, we encourage you to check out the new PlaneMate and join Martin at a Golf School, it’s an amazing experience.

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