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It’s Not About Hitting Down!


To hit down or not to hit down, that is the question. Hello, my name is Martin Chuck and I want to talk to you about how to strike the ball crisply and I’m also here to say that you have enough down, enough downward strike in your swing. Already. See, the golf swing takes on a circular nature and in a circle we look at this little differently. We’ve got plenty of down built into this circle. Here is a portion of the circle traveling down the black side to a low point and then a portion of the circle traveling up. Well, if you’re hitting shots thinly, maybe you’re hitting it fat. I’m going to tell you that your swing circle is too far back. It’s as simple as that. If we can move your swing circle more to the left so that when this club is traveling down, it can touch the ball before it hits the ground.

We don’t need to try to hit down. You’ve got the down all built in, the things to fix. If you are struggling with inconsistent shots, let’s make sure that we get our body weight to the left at impact and even to help that. Go ahead and start by hitting some shots with your weight a little bit left to start. It won’t hurt you. It’ll give you the idea of what it’s like to have a swing center swing circle that can hit the golf ball. Then take a divot. So many of you out there really want to take a divot, so if my body is physically positioned back here to the right, my entire swing circles to the right and I am going to top golf ball all day long hit, thin shots hit fat shots, a variety of misses. If my body weight is to the left, now I have an opportunity for my swing to touch the ball before it touches the ground and I can hit crisp iron shots. You don’t need to hit down on it folks. You need to get your swing. Circle the circle of your swing left enough so that the path will touch the ball and then touch the ground. This is Martin Chuck, the inventor of the tour striker training products and the director of the Tour Striker Golf Academy. Thanks for watching.