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Leverage Wrist Angles for Power and Control

Leverage Wrist Angles for Power and Control

Your wrists are a hinge that moves in multiple directions (vs your elbow that moves in just one direction). This makes them extremely powerful, but also really difficult to control.

Your wrists are reflected in the face of the club. So if the ball isn’t going where you want it to go, your wrists aren’t doing what you want them to do.

How do we leverage the power of the wrists and gain control?

It takes awareness and practice.

Hold a club and practice getting into the positions below.

Wrist Positions at Address

Wrist Positions at the Top

Wrist Positions at Impact

Your lead wrist starts out cupped at address, bows slightly at the top of the swing and then is released back into a neutral position at impact. These days we call this Flexion (bowed) and Extension (cupped).

You also go from an ulnar deviation at address to a neutral or radial deviation at the top and back into an ulnar deviation at impact. It looks and feels a little as if you’re pulling up on the handle of the club to keep the face of the club at the right lie angle.

For all the Coaches and Golf Fanatics out there, why guess when you can measure?

Just like Trackman allows us to know exactly how much we’re hitting down on the ball, and BodiTrak lets us know exactly how much pressure is on the trail foot; HackMotion lets us measure the angles of the wrist in real time.

HackMotion Wrist Sensor

For someone working on better wrist control, this is a game changer. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed using HackMotion with students is the enhanced awareness and development of fine motor skills in the wrist. Remember, 1 minute on a clock is 6 degrees. Most recreational golfers have never tried to control their wrists to that degree of precision… and as a coach, that’s a really hard thing to see too. BUT… 6 degrees on the face of your driver moves the ball 30 yards to the right or the left and can be the difference between a slice and a draw.

HackMotion Wrist Sensors are currently in pre-order but I promise, you strap this on to one of your students and it’ll instantly earn a place in your normal lesson plan. We only have a limited number available so don’t wait to place your order.

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