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New Favorite Tool for Improving Drives

A number of professional players have tried this and the response was unanimous, they LOVE the PlaneMate with the pitch-motion band, the short green one, on their driver. This is what everyone wants. Using the short green band, the PlaneMate will help you reliably hit great drives.

Yes, you can take full swings, and yes, you will love it.

We’re still working on the full protocol for using your PlaneMate with your driver, but you don’t have to wait to get started. The practice and intention described in the PlaneMate 7-Day Protocol is the same with the driver. Simply use the short green band attached a few inches below the grip of your driver and use the feedback of the resistance in the band to help you maintain your width in your backswing, elevate the club, shallow the clubhead, and rotate. Resist, Resist, Relax, & Rotate.

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