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The PlaneMate has Arrived!

The Tour Striker PlaneMate is here! A collaboration between Martin Chuck (owner of Tour Striker) and David Woods (owner of Driven Golf), the PlaneMate has been over two years in the making.

The PlaneMate is a revolutionary product that uses resistance bands to help players of all levels improve their swing, shallowing the club in the downswing. A TRUE Tour Style Swing. The use of resistance bands doesn’t just let you feel the motion, but actually helps build the muscle and body control required to achieve the correct positions.

Numerous training aids, products, and contraptions claim to help improve your swing and get you “on-plane”… and many of them do work. What’s innovative about the PlaneMate is that it’s the first full swing trainer where the plane that you’re connecting to is on your body.

Compared to the large metal “Plane” rings or angled slabs of plywood you may have seen that can cost thousands and usually turn into lawn ornaments because they can’t be moved… The PlaneMate is ultra portable and easily fits in your gym bag.

  • The rail is attached to you, so it moves with your body.
  • It’s constructed from heavy duty belting and durable strength-training tubing built to last.
  • It comes with 3 different bands for increased levels of skill and strength.
  • Workout in the gym, or hit balls at the range.

The PlaneMate not only helps you better feel a Tour level swing and better understand the correct positions, but it also helps develop the strength and flexibility required to achieve a Tour level swing adding power, speed, distance, and consistency to your game.

7 Day Protocol

As an added bonus, Martin and David have put together a 7-Day Protocol to not only get you started with your PlaneMate, but to help you build a better swing. The 7-Day Protocol is a series of 7 short videos. Follow the Protocol and in 7-Days, you’ll have a vastly improved swing. Continue working with your PlaneMate and you’ll be well on your way to a tour level swing.

The first wave of PlaneMates SOLD OUT before we even officially had them “in-stock.” We expect to have them back in-stock and filling new pre-orders in mid-August. To be part of the next wave and make sure you get your PlaneMate first, pre-order now.

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