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Quality Practice Sessions with the Tour Striker Training Club

We all have to put in the work to get better. I had some time before heading home so I put in some practice with the Tour Striker 7 Iron and recorded it for you. There's some great tips about what you're trying to do with your irons and even a couple mishits 😉

It's hard to believe we've sold over 150,000 Tour Strikers worldwide, but it really is a great, challenging tool and there's nothing else like it.

Which Tour Striker Training Club is right for you?

Whether you're a beginner or a scratch golfer, the Tour Striker Training Clubs will intuitively teach you how to find the sweet spot on the golf club and strike solid shots just like the pros.

The Tour Striker Training Club comes in 3 different models, each designed to fit a variety of skill levels.

  • Pitching Wedge
  • 7 Iron
  • Pro X 7 Iron

With its elevated leading edge, you'll quickly see how you'll need to get the clubhead trailing behind the hands on the downswing and into the strike. Known as the "forward shaft lean" condition, this magic move is what puts your hands forward and gets this elevated leading edge of the club below the equator of the ball as you descend into impact. The result is crisp, solid strikes.

So which model is the right choice for you? This handy guide will help you decide.

First Question – What's the difference between the three models?

Pitching Wedge

The PW is the fastest way for you to feel what it's like to strike the sweet spot of a golf club. As a beginner or novice golfer, many of you try to help the ball into the air by "flipping" your hands at impact. So it may be counter-intuitive that you'd have to strike down for the ball to go up, but once you feel and see the results of a well struck shot, you'll be hooked on practicing with this club.

The other great benefit of this club is that it is a great training tool for all levels of golfers who want to master their wedge game from inside 100 yards. Quick, flippy hands at the bottom of a swing are the bane of all golfers existence. Whether you're a high caliber player or just learning, everyone's scoring game shots can benefit from the Tour Striker Pitching Wedge.

7 Iron

The 7 Iron is the next step up towards tour pro quality solid strikes. It takes a bit more skill and timing to master as it's leading edge is just 3/10ths of an inch higher off the ground. You might say that's nothing, but in the moment of impact and the minute degrees and angles that can affect distance and direction… trust us… it's a big deal!

So what's the secret you ask? We find that golfers will have success with the 7 Iron when they can combine the skills of getting the clubhead trailing behind the hands on the downswing coupled with a proper weight transfer into their lead leg. Its this secret move of properly loading into your front leg combined with good tempo and timing that will open your eyes and game to a whole new level of ball striking.

Pro X 7 Iron

Have you ever seen those images of a tour pros golf club that has that nickel-sized, worn out spot right in the middle of the clubface? It's pretty sweet looking isn't it! That's what the Pro X 7 is designed to help you achieve. It's identical in makeup as the regular 7 Iron except the face is the size of a quarter.

There's no room for error when you practice with this club, but for the high level player, perfectionist, single digit, low handicapper, this is the club for you. It takes diligent practice but the reward is the most solid ball striking for your game.

2nd Question: What level of golfer are you?

Beginner – High Handicap Golfers

  • Recently started playing or have played for a while but have very inconsistent ball striking
  • Average Score: 100+
  • Handicap: 28+ or you're thinking, "What's a handicap?"
Recommended Club:

Tour Striker Pitching Wedge

Intermediate – Mid-High Handicap Golfers

  • Reasonable consistency of ball striking
  • Average Score: 90-100
  • Handicap: 18 – 27
Recommended Club:

Tour Striker Pitching Wedge
Tour Striker 7 Iron (if you are committed to practicing and like to challenge yourself)

Advanced Intermediate – Mid Handicap Golfers

  • Good consistency of ball striking
  • Average Score: 80-90
  • Handicap: 8 – 17
Recommended Club:

Tour Striker 7 Iron
Tour Striker Pitching Wedge (for mastering shot control of your 100 yard and shorter shots)

Advanced – Low Handicap Golfers

  • Excellent consistent of ball striking
  • Average Score: < 80
  • Handicap: 0 – 7
Recommended Club:

Tour Striker Pro X 7 Iron (for the most dedicated practicer seeking centered, solid strikes)
Tour Striker 7 Iron
Tour Striker Pitching Wedge (for mastering shot control of your 100 yard and shorter shots)

3rd Question: How much time can you dedicate to practicing?

Lets face it. Golf is hard. Much like learning a musical instrument it takes time, patience, commitment and dedication to the technique you are trying to learn. You're going to mess up, you're going to get frustrated, but over time you'll get it.

If you want to get better, you have to put in time. The more you can get to practice hitting balls with the club the quicker you'll improve. You don't always have to go to the range either. Home hitting nets and mats are relatively inexpensive these days. Plus, you can practice the "magic move" anywhere. Learning the "feels" of swinging what is essentially a stick with a weight on the end is a critical element to improving your ball striking. If you can take 10 minutes a day to work on getting the golf club swinging back, up and in, and then getting the clubhead to trail your hands on the downswing and into impact, all of those repetitions will pay big dividends when you take it to the range and eventually to the course.

Remember! Practice time on the range is not a race to see how many balls you can smash. You're better off buying a smaller size bucket, coming up with a proper techniqe practice move that you repeat several times before each ball is struck. Then after you watch what the ball does, don't just rake another ball into the hitting zone. Take a minute to review and reset and then repeat the process.

4th Question: What other products can help you have success with the TS Training Club?

  • Tour Striker Educator – gives you added feel and visuals for getting the clubhead to trail the hands on the downswing.
  • Tour Striker Smart Bag – striking the bag in a hands forward condition will help you gain greater muscle memory for where the hands need to be as the club returns to impact.


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