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Rotate and Relocate for Power and Distance

The Tour Striker Smart Ball has been used by countless players and professionals to help maintain the structure in their arms, inspiring them to rotate and relocate to collect a golf ball.

This video features Martin Chuck at a Golf School demonstrating the use and intent of practicing with the Smart Ball.

Whether you tend to stall in transition, get scoopy and have the dreaded chicken wing, or overswing in your backswing, the Smart Ball will keep your arms structured and get your body rotating.

Keeping your head down and swinging at a golf ball with your arms only uses 5% of your body weight. When you rely on your rotation to energize the club, you use your whole body, increasing speed, distance, and consistency.

Come to a Golf School. Get a custom plan specifically for you to improve. The Tour Striker Golf Academy coaches follow your progress at the school and beyond. Once you come to a golf school, you have access to all the Tour Striker Golf Academy coaches for life. You can post pictures, videos, or just chat about anything you need help with.

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