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Solve The Shanks Once And For All


Hello, this is Martin Chuck and I’m live at the Raven in Phoenix and well, a little bit overcast, Phoenix, Arizona right now. I’m going to show you a quick video. Play it right now. In that video I’m going to show you what I did. Okay. This is. This video is to supplement why people shank, you know I have three golf balls in front of me and I’m just going to casually address the Middle Golf Ball. So there’s one that’s clearly way too close to me. Fact, this is probably my comfortable position for this Middle Golf Ball, but I’m going to hit the inside golf.
and that was a good strike at my target line. I’m going to hit the golf ball that I’m sorta set up too. That was a good strike on my target and here’s what I’m reaching for a little bit.
That was a little thin little up, but you know, okay. Strike at my target. So what did I do there? You know, if you look at my other videos on shanking, you’re going to realize that, you know, I could blame this rocking to my toes to get the halls were closer to the golf ball, but I could also take responsibility for understanding the pressure point that the club puts into my hands when I make a transition and really feel how that club puts pressure into my hands. I put a ball there just to really emphasize the sensation of the club, putting pressure in my hands and how I can aim that sensation. You know, a lot of people say, you know, I can’t take my, my range game to the golf course. Well, there’s a reason you can. It’s not too often. We have these perfect lives on the golf course.
We have to be able to sense this golf club nowhere it is in our hands and be able to direct that mass to the golf ball. And we need to know that this club, the part we play with this sweet spot, rotates a little bit about this shaft. And that’s important for us to feel that in our hands. So what I want you to do is get three golf balls, put them down here in front of you, and go through that. A little drill I just showed you. Hit all three golf balls, but don’t move your feet. Just train yourself how to direct your mass, this club in your hands to where you need it. So again, let’s hit the inside ball,
Middle Ball,
and finally the ball that’s farthest away. So you train yourself how to direct the mass, the club in your hands. I hope that helps. This is Martin Chuck the Raven Golf Club Phoenix. Come see me down here some time.