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Stay Connected in Your Takeaway for More Reliable Shots

SAMI - One Piece Takeaway

At the Golf School we often find that a person’s golf swing is a cascade of events, like dominos. If your swing starts poorly, it usually ends poorly. Alternatively, if you start with a great takeaway it sets you up for success throughout the rest of your swing.

If you follow @TourStrikerGolf on Instagram you’ve no doubt seen a preview of the Tour Striker PlaneMate (coming this summer). Between students at the golf school and all the coaches and players at the PGA Show, they all say the same thing. That’s awesome!

There’s a magic moment when you take the resistance band off and swing the club without the PlaneMate. Because resistance band training helps build in new feels and muscle memory quickly, your club without the resistance band feels lighter than air and getting into the right positions suddenly feels natural and easy.

The PlaneMate forces you to Resist whipping the club inside on the takeaway, Resist the club getting pulled backward at the top of your backswing, then finally, Relax letting the band help you shallow the club behind and you and Rotate through the shot.


The PlaneMate doesn’t come out until summer, BUT… if you have a SAMI you can already practice your takeaway.

The Tour Striker S.A.M.I. (Structural Awareness Motion Instrument) doesn’t provide the resistance training that the PlaneMate does, but it DOES help with your takeaway. You can see, hear, and feel if you get disconnected during your takeaway. A great, connected takeaway sets you up for success and more reliable shots.

The most under-rated golf training aid – the Tour Striker S.A.M.I. allows you to connect any two points on your body or club and feel how they relate during your swing.

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