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Swing Diagnosis


Back in 2012, shortly after we first introduced the Smart Bag… My Golf Spy reviewed it and had the following to say…

“If you don’t own an impact bag, the Smart Bag represents a good value… If you need to work on impact, path, or clubface, the Smart Bag offers great ways to practice all three.”

10/10 Ease of Use & Set Up
27/30 Effectiveness
19/20 Value

There are a lot of newer, fancier training aids these days, but once you have a couple drills to do with the Smart Bag, you’re going to love it.

One of most common problems for recreational golfers is knowing WHAT to work on. We all know if we tend to miss right or left, slice or hook, fat or thin… but without a bunch of fancy equipment, it can be hard to know why. Poor impact, path, and clubface can all three cause or at least contribute to just about any of these misses.

We tend to try to compensate and learn to play our mistakes. If you have to aim right or left of the target line to have a chance of finding your ball… If you have to play your ball abnormally far forward or back in your stance in order to make decent contact… I’m talking to you.

(If you’re not hitting it as far as you should be, you might be missing the sweet spot, so this is also for you.)

I’ve got a new video that takes you through how to diagnose what you need to work on. The Smart Bag isn’t just great for working on impact, path, and clubface… it can tell you HOW you need to spend your time.

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