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  • Swing Shape – Stop Coming Over The TopThis simple drill with a couple of aim sticks will help you understand swing shape and the delivery of an inside to out swing path. ┬áStart off with half speed swings and work your way up to full speed. Best of luck and happy golfing, Martin
  • Catch The Fly, DanielsonLearning how to stabilize your golf swing is critical to becoming a high level ball striker. This drill will teach you how to pass along energy from one segment to the other for effective precision. Everyone wants “Consistency.” Well, to have consistency, you need Kinetion, Stabilization and Precision. Work this drill into your training and […]
  • Understanding Body MotionIn this simple golf drill, you’ll learn about 3D body motion and how the body is in a constant state of motion during a golf swing. Blending these motions, creates the “steady head” most people find desirable and helpful for a reliable swing.