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The Tour Striker Smart Ball


Hello, this is Martin Chuck. I’m the inventor of the Tour Striker Training Club, the most successful training club in the last number of years. We sold well over 100,000 units worldwide and I’d like to introduce you to the Tour Strikers smartball. What exactly is a smart ball? Well, it’s this inflatable little beach ball and lanyard. Let me explain. First off, he can see that it’s pretty tiny. It’ll easily fit in your golf bag that weighs about as much as a golf ball, even, maybe even less. The point of this is it’s got a lot of drills that you can do with this. The premier one is to go ahead and inflate the beach ball.

When you’ve got an inflated, you can do a series of drills to help you understand how to synchronize your arms to your body. Most of the golfers that come see me at the Tour Strikers, Golf Academy, the ones that always say they want to be more consistent. Well, they usually have some form of chicken wing when their arms separate from their body. When we get them doing some drills, and I’m using a six iron here and they start off by bending over, capturing the smart ball, and by the way, this is adjustable, this lanyard who really tall or a little bit shorter. You can adjust this if you captured the beach ball and your forearms. You can go ahead and hit a bunch of shots with it to see if you can unify arms and body. So if I demonstrate hitting a little shot here for ya.

So that’s a reasonably full six iron. Now we don’t expect people to be able to hit full shots with the smartball. No, that takes a lot of flexibility to do that. But what I do anticipate and what I think you can do is learn this motion, these little half shots, this unifying the arms and body in these little small, say nine to three swings. Let’s go ahead and hit one of these so that’s more of an abbreviated, a little swing, but when you watch that coordination arms to body here, the best players can control their arms relative to how their body extends turns and side bends. Now, what we see a lot is people that would separate their arms were the beach ball would come out. Now we use the lanyard so that if it does fall out, doesn’t hit your foot and roll away. There’s been some great products on the market and I’ll show you one of them.
It’s called the impact ball we’ve been using when I’ve using one for years, so the impact ball is a great product. Got One right here, and it’s a foam ball. Works really, really effectively fits between the forearms. It’s a little bit heavy. It throws your arms a little bit out of the rhythm that you would normally be in if you’re just making a golf swing. Whereas the Tour Striker smartball is so light. The only awareness you have is that unifying sensation of putting your arms in a bit of a situation here where you’re pushing the arms together, gently squeezing the beach ball. This has been effective. There’s a lot of merit to this, but unless you’ve got a big tour bag like me, it’s tough to stick it in a pocket and carried around with you.
The Tour Striker , smartball, go ahead and pop it on, get it adjusted for your particular needs. When you address the Golf Ball, you can hang from the neck. Go ahead and capture it in your forearms. Once you’ve got it in the forums, you want to feel a gentle pressure as though you could almost pop. You can’t pop the smartball, but you want to feel like you can squeeze it. When you have that gentle squeeze on it, that’s when you want to hit a variety of shots. You can start off with a pitching wedge, hits and pitch shots. Again, I’ve got a six iron here hitting these little, this little half shot here, really feeling arms and body unified, and you’ll notice here in the slow motion that there’s no chance of chicken wing, that swing. If you can control this ball within your arms, really, really effective, so it’s a great training at. Now. Other things you can do with this, if you take the air out of it, if you deflate the smartball now you can use it like a lot of tour players. Favorite drill. They’ll take a glove or they’ll take something, make a putter, covers of forth, but now you can use the smartball and again, this can go into your right arm. This is a great unifying drill right here. Again, for arms and body.
This is a drill commonly used on tour to get the arms and body unified so that you don’t hang back and stick the club in the ground. We can hit this shot quite nicely. Feeling as though the smartball stays intact. This is an awesome drill.

I do it all the time. Tuck that up into the right arm pit onto the right pack. We feel like we are transporting this Smart Ball in the backswing and through impact. There’s a nice strike and then you can do the same thing with this. Take it and put it under the left. That gives a great sense of connection post impact to make sure that you don’t have arms that are running off to where this would fall out of being connected between the upper left arm in the upper Pec. Nice little strike, lots of different uses. You can use this around the Greens, chipping, pitching, little punch shots, full shots. I even hit some shots with my driver. Go ahead and inflated a little bit there, inflated about half full
when it’s half full. I can wear a really low down just above my grip and you’ll have to play with the how much you inflate it, but when it’s in this condition right now, I can really feel that awareness of my arms and my elbows can come off my body a little bit, but yet I’ve still got the magic little triangle right there so it’s pretty tough to full shots, completely full swings doing this, but go ahead and have that awareness or that arm behavior rather than arms running off and elbow. Separating where the beach ball would fall out. It’s best if you can feel like you’re swinging loses slack. You’ve got control of the beach ball down way down in the bottom of your triangle here. I’d say that’s about a 75 percent driver, but it gives a lot of feedback for how the arms are behaving. So in effect, a little training tool, and once again, super simple for high level practice, you can take the lanyard off, make it a little bit more challenging, blow it right up. We were just below the elbows in most drills, chipping, pitching, punching. When you get pretty effective at this and you’re not going to drop it and chase it around, go ahead and capture it in the forearms and you can hit some great little chip shots, pit shots, punch shots, really controlling your arm swing

and your body awareness really good. So when you’re looking to improve these elements here, swing this radius to the golf ball, this consistency, you’ve got to think about how your arms relate to the body and the Tour Striker smartball is going to help you do that. And once again, no more chicken wings. So this is Martin Chuck signing off from the Tour Strikers Golf Academy at the Raven Golf Club Phoenix. Hope you’ll consider the Tour Striker smartball. Now it’s really going to help you manage your arms, synchronize your arms to your body swing, and give you the tour style impact position. Thanks for watching.