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Tour Striker Smart Bag

Hello, my name is Martin Chuck inventor of the Tour Striker training club, the number one training aid in the United States. I’d like to introduce you to the Tour Striker Smart Bag. I call it the smart bag because it’s got a lot of features that the typical impact bag doesn’t have. First off, you can do the basics with it. You can hit the side of it just like you can with an impact bag to really feel that sensation of that flat, left wrist in the correct timing needed to deliver that golf club and the alignment to hit your best shots. Now, what’s interesting about this bag is that the sides are created on an angle as you can clearly see here, to inspire you to deliver the shop with forward shaft lean. To add to that, what I’ve done is I’ve created a couple of lines on this plane of this smart bag to show you where address and impact should be so you’re more mindful of the correct positions when you strike shot. So there’s a lot of drills. Let’s go through a couple of them right now. So the smart bag, we can use it as a plane board. I’ve got a Tour Striker right here, this Tour Striker is a Tour Striker eight iron. I’m going to bend it into the plane to match the eight iron plane.
When I set up to the golf ball here, I’ve got the right plane in order to hit some shots down my target line. Now when I hit shots, I don’t want to be too inside out and hit the plane, pillow or two outside in and hit the plane pillow. Let’s hit a little shot and see how we do
as a solid shot down in the middle. So you notice there that I didn’t hit the plane pillow. So many amateurs struggle or club golfers struggle with paths that are going to outside, in or inside out. Some of the features that you can use when practicing with the Tour Striker smart bag, we can offset the pillows for a variety of things. If I’ve got a student that’s coming to inside out, I’ll put the pillow back here on the right so that they’re not to inspire to come along here and hit the pillow. The pillow can also be set quite a bit forward if somebody is over the top and they’ll know that if they’re hitting shots and there were two over the top, they’ll hit the plane pillow this way, so it was a ton of features that go beyond the standard impact bag. Of course, if you really just like to hit the impact bag for that solid awareness, we can do that.
It’s best if you brace it against something so it doesn’t go anywhere, but we can go ahead and unload on this impact bag and really feel what it’s like to take those alignments, deliver them with pivot into a solid impact alignment. Some of the other features they use it don’t include the impact bag, just the plain pillow. I’ll set this on the ground for many students will show them how to have more organized alignments during their strike. If they tend to hit a little bit toward the heel. I’ll set the ball close to the plane pillow and have them hit some iron shots. Can I’ve got the tourist striker eight iron here. Let’s hit a little shot out there and that was a solid strike and I didn’t hit the pillow, which you’ll see in many situations. Those people that shake it, the club will come out and hit the pillow.
They don’t really have an awareness of where the club swings when they’re actually have a ball down in front of them, so there’s a lot of good things. If you’re someone that tends to get over the top, I’ll put a golf ball and the other side here and I can utilize these lines on the plane pillow for address in impact. If they’re over the top, they swing, they’ll tend to come over and nip the pillow this way. If there they’re two inside out, you’ll see the exact opposite. They’ll come down and tend to hit the pillow that way. So thanks for taking the time to watch a little story about the Tour Striker smart bag, a combination of plane board an impact bag to help you play your best golf.