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Use Your Rotational Power to Really Get Things Fired Up

Rotational Power

In any sport, when we hit something, our trail shoulder is closer to what we’re going to hit. It’s not something where our arms get straight to hit it.

In golf, this mistake happens pretty easy, because we look at the golf ball down there and we try to line everything up. But that keeps us from using our rotational power that can really get things fired up.

Using the Tour Striker Smart Bag, I’ve placed the Plane Pillow on the wall to create a landing spot for my hands and offset the Impact Bag portion to feel some lag as my hands and club face land at the same time.

If you line everything up, you won’t be able to get your hands on the wall. If you artificially push your hands forward, your clubface will be wide open.

Practice this drill. Trust your pivot to deliver the club. Your rotational power will help you add distance while improving your consistency.

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